Who is the most important person on earth? It is no other person but you. Let me ask another question: which job is the most prestigious among all the jobs? It is no other job but yours. You are as important as the value you place on yoursef.
According to Rom.11:13,Paul magnified his office and accorded values to God-given assignment even when no one else thought much of what he was doing.No professsion is inferior to the other;no child is inferior to other.The only observable difference between what you are doing and those of others is just in the areas of packaging:settings and approach. Don’t look down on your personality or on what you do. Make up your mind to become the best you can be;work on on the potentials you have and identify your destiny. Above all,given your personality,products and services a befitting and attractive packaging. Make it presentable anywhere in the world.
Respect the opinion of customers.Work on your character,be a man of integrity,establish yourself or business in a very good location. Finally,invest in media advertisement;let people know what you are out to offer them. From today you are ou of obscurity,enjoy global dimension.


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