New E-passport

Federal government of nigeria unveils the new e-passport today,1st of august,2014. It contains 64pages unlike the previous one with 32pages so as to enable people that travel on monthly basis to have enough spaces for visas.

What makeup does to your skin

Makeup,just as the name implies,is supposed to improve a person’s look.To acheive this,a number of beauty products containing differemt chemicals are used.
Several researches have been carried out to determine the effect of makeup on the skin,it has shown applying makeup on daily basis could actually be bad for the skin.
In place of harsh and unsure cosmetics products,basic care of the skin is enough to keep it glowing and healthy.Simply wash to remove dirt piled up from exposure to dust and other pollutants and exfoliate every other day depending on your skin type.
Moreover,there are a variety of natural products that can help improve the look and feel of the skin.One of such is lemon which is a good exfoliant.Honey and shea butter are also some of the best moisturisers in the world.
Fruits and vegetables are known to be good antioxidants;thus leaving you looking younger and fresher.