5 Reasons Men Marry Older Women

So, let us explore the reasons that make
men allured towards older women.
#1. Respectful and responsible
A prominent psychiatrist, Sanjay Chugh
feels that, “Just as a woman would look
for a father figure or fulfil her needs for
protection in an older man, a man would
look for a mother figure or fulfil his needs
for tender care and love in an older
Thus an older woman will be nurturing as
well as be an epicentre of strength in the
times of difficulties. As she has more
experiences of life than her partner, her
right guidance in tough situations will
make him feel more confident.
#2. Gratifying intimacy
As per various studies, it is found that
women reach their s*xual peak quite later
in life as compared to men. In addition,
they still look young and hot at that age.
On the other hand, older women find
young men energetic and more dynamic.
This results in an extraordinarily fulfilling
physical intimacy. And, this is also a
reason most men fall for older women.
#3. Women age gracefully
It is true that everyone gets better with
age and so does women. According to
Atul Verma, a clinical psychologist,
“Younger people usually are drawn to
older people because they are more
mature- and more successful.” As a
woman gains experience in life, she
becomes more contented. This also
inculcates in her a certain degree of
financial and emotional stability. This is
perhaps the most important factor why a
man gets attracted to her.
#4. Strike a better chord
The most striking aspect of any
relationship is the communication
between the partners. An older woman,
who indulges in intelligent conversations,
can make a young man go head over
#5. Age is just a number
In today’s world it is impossible to
determine someone’s age. Those whom
you may think are in their late thirties,
might actually be forty plus. Also, you
never ask someone’s age before falling in
love, right? Hence, the relationships
wherein women are older than their
partners, are as justified as the


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