Alicia Keys leads a protest to mark the 6 month anniversary of the lost Nigerian girls

New York — Alicia Keys held a protest in New
York City on Tuesday to mark the six month
anniversary of the day the 200-plus Nigerian
schoolgirls were kidnapped by Boko Haram
Alicia aimed to raise awareness to educate people
about the girls, who were abducted in April.
The protest kicked off with Alicia and 30 others at
the consulate general of Nigeria, holding signs
that read “We Are Here” and “Safe Schools Now!”
They chanted “Bring back our girls” and “When do
we want them? Now! Now! Alive!” as New
Yorkers walked up the street during lunch hour,
while others stopped to capture photos and video.
Keys, who is pregnant, said on Twitter that she
felt touched to take action because she is a
mother. Her son, Egypt, turned 4 on Tuesday.

On my lil guys birthday I stand with the mothers
of Chibok!! We can’t ignore 6 months of this

She also shared a picture of the protest with a
touching message on Instagram
Keys recently launched the movement “We Are
Here,” which fights for social justice. She also
recorded and released a song with her producer-
rapper husband, Swizz Beatz, with the same


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