5 Funny Things Men Do When They’re Sick!

Here are a few things many of us men do
when we are sick. Ladies let me know if this
sounds familiar….
1) We Become Whiney
Yes, yes when we don’t feel good and are
sick we become attitudinal and whiney all at
the same time. The baby in us comes all the
way out and the overly masculine walls
break down. We want nothing more than to
be able to whine and lay our head on your
lap or bosom.
2) We Become Needy
We need DayQuil, NyQuil, Tylenol, Tea,
Heating Pads, a home cooked meal that we
will probably pick over, and some soup
because we are still hungry. We are stuck
lying on the couch and we need you to
please pass us the remote because it’s too
far for us to get up and go get it. Our wives
get tired of hearing us call out “baby can
you…” from downstairs all the way upstairs.
She gets a little frustrated, but she does it
3) We REFUSE to go to the doctor
We’ve heard you say 1000 times that we
should set up an appointment at the doctor
and we have yet to do so. We keep trying to
“tough it out” and we keep looking up home
remedies on the internet and thinking chicken
noodle soup solves every problem. We keep
refusing to go to that doctor until finally you
just make the appointment and drop us off
there because you’re tired of us whining.
4) We want to be affectionate
We know we are full of germs, snot and
hacking, but suddenly we want to hug and
cuddle. Our wives are looking at us like
“where was all of this before you got sick!”
HA. She just wants to spray Lysol all over
you because she knows your nasty hands are
contagious, but she doesn’t want to turn you
away. Then we wonder why she is sick a few
days later.
5) We are “out of commission”
When we are sick suddenly our hands don’t
work, mouths don’t work, feet don’t work
and brains don’t work. The only thing that
works are our eyes as we watch sports
center while curled up on the couch. You ask
us to do something and the response it
probably, “can’t you see that I’m sick!” Hey
we only get to play the sick card a few times
a year so let us live in the moment!

source: xklusivethoughts.com


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