5 Things Apart From Your Looks ThatDrives Men Crazy

It is usually believed by many women that
what men really like in them is nothing but
just their looks. Well, of course looks do
matter, and they do get noticed by men when
they first see you. But, it is not the only
thing about you that might make the guys
admire you. Apart from the appearance, there
are many other things that most of the men
like about women.
Believe it or not, but there is a lot other than
your looks that can make him fall head over
heels for you. Interested to know more? Well,
here is a list of certain behavioural qualities
that men love to see in women:
#1. Confidence
It is the greatest asset of every human being,
and nothing is sexier than a woman who is
comfortable in her own skin. Your confidence
shows who you are, and how you control
your life. Few men might get attracted
towards the physical appearance only, but
there are a lot of men who appreciate a
woman’s confidence. Be it the confidence to
face the world, fighting the odds, taking any
decisions, or even your confidence about how
you look, this strong attitude leaves a good
impression about a woman on a man’s mind.
#2. Caring Nature
It is right that men prefer to stay tough and
independent in front of the whole world, but
on the other side, they like to experience a
little bit of motherly instinct in their women.
They find such women attractive who can
take care of them during tough times in a
mature but tender way.
At times, even you might get clueless about
how to take care of him when he is feeling
low. Well do not worry.
#3. Independent
Most of the men love to have a partner who
is independent, and has set goals to succeed
in life. They usually get attracted to the
women who have their own identity, than
just being a blind followers of their men. Men
prefer someone with whom they can share
their responsibilities, and can also ask for
their opinions on the important decisions.
#4. Simplicity
Men get attracted towards your simplicity
and for many of them, it is far more
important than the good looks. It is a
woman’s graceful, tender, sensitive, nurturing
and positive spirit that makes a man fall for
her. On the other hand, they usually tend to
get annoyed by the women who are too
much into themselves or throw a lot of
tantrums on them.
#5. Respecting their privacy
Men are always attracted to the women who
respect their privacy, and allow them to
spend time with themselves. So give your
man some space when he seems to be
withdrawing, else he might lose his male
equilibrium which can lead to arguments and
petty bickering.
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Pangs in a Relationship
So, you know what it takes to hold his
attention, and make the love happen not at
the first glance only, but for the rest of your
life. These are the things every man notice
when they are finding their match. So, do not
settle just for a good relationship when you
can make it a great relationship.


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