8 Key Elements Every M-A-R-R-I-A-G- E Must Have

Here are 8 key characteristics that should be
prevalent in your own marriage:
M – Make sure your marriage is a priority.
It’s so easy for us to say, of course it’s a
priority. But when you really think about it:
do you drop everything to tune in to your
spouse when they are talking? Or are you
only half listening? Do your kids’ or or
careers come before your spouse?
A – Above all else, communicate with each
Take your differences, issues, problems to
God and not your friends or family members
that don’t have your best interest at heart.
R – Reliance. Rely on each other through
thick and thin.
Trust and believe in each other. Your spouse
should know your vulnerabilities, and you,
theirs. You should rely on your spouse to
carry you when you are up or down, and vice
R – Respect your differences.
When two unique individuals come together
under one roof for a lifetime, it’s inevitable
that you will not always agree. Differences of
opinion and beliefs will vary and change over
time. But that doesn’t mean it’s OK to
replace differences with disrespect.
I – Initiate intimacy.
But initiate with the understanding of what
your spouse’s love language is…and not that
of your own. Try to really spend time
focusing on your spouses needs, and yours
will be a by-product. You should also
understand what intimacy really means in a
A – Always focus on what’s important.
When my parents shared secrets to
celebrating 47 years of marriage, they talked
about the fact that regardless of what they
were facing: getting each other to heaven
was their only end goal. When we focus on
what our spouse is or isn’t doing, or past
hurts and faults, we lose site of what’s really
G – Gratitude should be a daily habit.
Giving thanks to and for your spouse goes a
long way. Your spouse should never feel like
they are less important or appreciated. Just
because you may each take on certain
“roles” in your household and marriage,
doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be constant
E – Example. What example are you setting?
Your marriage is the foundation and sets the
example for what your children and even
those seeking to enter into marriage are
looking to. When we express love, humility,
forgiveness and communication in front of
our children, they will naturally learn to
express the same (regardless of what the
may see on TV or in society.


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