JAMB 2015 Registration is extortion

It is a peaceful and quiet agitation that will
attract the attention of every responsible leader
because in these open letters and TV broadcast,
we will highlight and tell the Nigerians openly
the reasons why we should be allowed to be
accredited to do the JAMB E-registration. Such
reasons among others:
That, ICT Advancement is met for making
things easy for the all but the rich and the poor
and it is out rightly wrong for anyone or group
of persons to make things difficult for the public
in the name of advancing technology in any
sector to exploit the public.
That, JAMB Registration Card has been
designed to be sold for N4500, and there is an
hidden N500, making a form N5000. Then, after
registering this form with the help the offline
machine which off course an advantage of
advancement in technology, such registration
will only be submitted upon the payment of
N700/N800. Why must the managing citizens of
this country be exploited this way, this is
exploitation on the masses. Why technology?

Oversea School Applications online are access
from comfort of our rooms, fill online and
submitted as much as the application fee is
been paid, why then won’t we be allowed to
access our own from the comfort of our
Bathroom. (It needs to be easier)
That, we are not just Self-Employed but are
creating job opportunities to many other
Nigerian citizens who would have been roaming
the street to commit one crime or the other if
not for our effort to make needs meet, providing
such job opportunities. Therefore, frustrating
these Cafes/Entrepreneurial firms (small or big)
is invariably a frustration to thousand of the
Nigerian Youths hence encouraging Roaming
the street.
That, we are self-employed citizens of this
great country Nigeria. We chose to be
entrepreneurs because we know that
government alone will not and cannot be able
to employ all citizens and we do not want to be
roaming the street hopelessly.
These and as many more reasons we can send
to the Public: The House of Senate, The House
of Representatives and to the President.


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