UPN Crisis Sponsored By Moles OfAnother Political Party, Says Fasehun

Dr Frederick Fasehun on Wednesday said he
remained the bonafide National Chairman of
the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN), blaming the
crisis facing the party on moles that were
planted within it.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports
that some persons in the UPN leadership had
on Oct 13 announced the suspension of
Fasehun as the party’s national chairman.
Addressing newsmen in Lagos, Fasehun said
that it had become clear that “the dissidents
in the UPN were working with a well-financed
mole of another party planted in-house to
provoke implosion of UPN.
“However, we the loyal and patriotic
members of the UPN National Executive
Council have together determined that such
agents provocateur shall never succeed in
their evil scheme to destroy UPN.
“We are resolved to sustain and run the
party. UPN will undergo a restructuring with
positions peopled by officers who are ready
to abide by the spirit and letter of the UPN
“Officers who are willing and capable of
demonstrating the discipline, dignity and
integrity established by the party’s founding
patriarchs”, Fasehun said.
He said that he still had the party’s licence
of registration by INEC in his custody.
According to him, the purported NEC meeting
in which he was expelled did not conform to
the UPN constitution.
“Article 111, Section 4 (2) of the UPN states
that the Council shall meet once every
quarter at such time and place as may be
prescribed by the National Secretary on the
directive of the National Chairman of the
“Also Article V, Section 1 (2) dictates that
the National Secretary shall keep proper
records of all proceedings and minutes of the
“He/She shall summon meetings at the
direction of the chairman of the party.
“Clearly the proceedings leading to my
suspension were illegal as it did not conform
to the UPN constitution”, Fasehun said.
He raised alarm that “some paid agents of
the dissidents in the party” were planning to
launch attacks on UPN loyalists.
“We urge these strangers to embrace peace
in their own interest, to drop any such idea
and sheathe their swords”, he said.
Fasehun said that Mr Tony Prest had
become the first aspirant of the UPN to pick
its governorship nomination form for Delta
State at N2.5 million.
NAN reports that some national executive
members of the party from across the nation
were at the briefing. (NAN)


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