Buhari Not Against Muslim-MuslimTicket In 2015

military Head of State Gen. Muhammadu
Buhari said in a recent interview he did not
mind having a Muslim as his running mate
if he got nominated by the All Progressives
Congress (APC) for the 2015 presidential
Buhari made known that he did not oppose
to a Muslim-Muslim ticket while he was
speaking with The Cable. The question was
raised because the ex military ruler is
perceived as an extremist and his likely
combination with another Muslim is believed
by some to be too sensitive, Vanguard
The politician claimed however he had
demonstrated to Nigerians he was not a
religious fundamentalist adding that his
running mate could be a Christian or a
“In 2003, I chose Chuba Okadigbo as my
running mate. He was a Roman Catholic. He
was an Igbo. In 2007, I picked Edwin Ume-
Ezeoke. He was a Roman Catholic. He was
an Igbo. And in 2010, I chose even a pastor.
Tunde Bakare. Honestly, what do Nigerians
want me to do? If they don’t believe I’m not
a fundamentalist, what else can I do?”
Insisting that religion is not an issue for
2015, he recalled the situation with southern
Muslim Moshood Abiola who picked
Babagana Kingibe, a northern Muslim, as
running mate in the 1993 presidential
elections. In those elections the Muslim-
Muslim ticket led to the victory.
Buhari attributed the situation not to the
religion but to something that had to do with
“I have not absolutely closed my mind to
picking a Christian or Muslim as running
mate if I get the ticket. Because I firmly
believe that Nigerians, having gone through
what they have gone through, realise it is
not a matter of religion, but a matter of
Nigeria. And the main religions, Christianity
and Islam, they know and they believe in the
almighty God. The question of stealing and
short-changing people in the name of religion
should stop.”
As an example, he also recalled that the
wives of many political leaders from the
south west, including Bola Tinubu,
Babatunde Fashola, Ibikunle Amosun and
others, are all Christians.
“For goodness sake, the children of these
political leaders were bred and brought up by
Christian mothers. You think those people,
wherever they participate, they will bring a
religious issue? What kind of people are we?
Nigerians will always bring something to
cause confusion while we are trying to
stabilise the system.”
Meanwhile indications have recently occurred
that APC might adopt Buhari as
its consensus candidate as the party leader
Bola Tinubu allegedly declared support for
the former military ruler during the October
17 NEC meeting.


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