Displacement shoots up amid disasters, terror

Abuja – The National Emergency Management
Agency (NEMA) said natural disasters and the
terror crisis had recently displaced more than
700 00 people in various parts of the country.
Director General of the agency, Muhammad Sani
Sidi, speaking in Calabar put the number at
743 062.
He disclosed this at the opening of the annual
consultative meeting of the National Emergency
Management Agency with the heads of all the
States Emergency Management Agencies
He explaining that 676 975 of the persons were
displaced by conflicts and 66 087 by natural
disasters as at September this year.
“Disaster occurrences and the number of affected
people have risen significantly in recent years as
a result of the impacts of climate change,
insurgency, communal conflicts and skirmishes
between farmers and pastoralists amongst
others,” he said.
“This has no doubt impacted negatively in the
area of our development as a nation aside the
humanitarian crisis attendant thereto.”

He called for an urgent collective action of the
stakeholders to complement the steps taken by
the Federal Government which has been
providing necessary assistance to the affected
persons through the agency.
“The challenges faced by displaced persons call
for serious commitment” he said, adding that
NEMA would continue to collaborate with the
stakeholders to ensure that the distressed
persons are properly taken cared of.”
He assured NEMA would continue to do that as
it constituted its primary responsibility to our
Sidi meanwhile said the consultative meeting in
Calabar was held to appraise the available
structures, facilities, challenges and prospects for
efficient and effective disaster management in
the country.


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