Jonathan to declare on November 11

Abuja – The Chairman of the Presidential
Declaration Committee Dr. Haliru Bello, on Friday
disclosed that President Goodluck Jonathan will
formally declare his intention to run for 2015
Presidential election on November 11.
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in contesting 2015 election
Speaking with State House correspondents at the
end of the committee’s inaugural meeting at the
Banquet Hall of the State House, Abuja, Bello
said the venue for the declaration will be decided
in the committee’s next meeting.
He said: “The President gave us the task to
organize the modality of creating a platform for
him to meet Nigerians and announce his
response to the various calls for him to come out
and declare his interest in the presidential
“The President has not said anything yet, but it
is like all Nigerians have called on him. It is our
honest hope that he will come out and say yes
to the demand of multitude of Nigerians.
“We expect he will say yes, but we cannot say
yes for him. We will wait for him to speak.
“The date that is fixed is Tuesday, November 11.
On that day, there will be a forum for the
President to meet Nigerians to announce his
“The venue is yet to be decided. That will be
decided at our next meeting. When we come out
on November 11, the President will face the
people of Nigeria and say yes to their demand.
“If he says yes, it will be yes. If he says no, then
it is negative. But you are aware that our party,
the Peoples Democratic Party in all its organs,
from the caucus to the Board of Trustees and
the National Working Committee had decided
that President Jonathan should be given the first
option of refusal with the PDP ticket.”
“If he is going to contest, the PDP will give him
preference. As the President, he has performed
and we are satisfied with what he has done.”
According to him, it is only when he declines the
offer that the PDP could look at any other
Katsina State Governor, Ibrahim Shema,
disclosed that members of the committee were
grouped into sub-committees during the
inaugural meeting.
Some of the groups, according to him, include
secretariat, venue and decoration, media and
publicity, security, protocol and mobilisation.
He was optimistic that the committee would
come up with enough preparations that would
ensure a hitch-free declaration ceremony.


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