Leaders of tomorrow-Anozie Albright

I remember when we were kids our parents, our
teachers and our elders keep telling us,”You are
the leaders of tomorrow”. We heartily believed. We
studied. We prayed. We worked to prove them
right. But what is happening? As the 2015
Elections draw closer, more and more politicians
throw in the goblet to contest in the elections.
But majority of them are above 50. How can the
youths then be “The Leaders Of Tomorrow”?
Except if the “tomorrow” is yet to come or our
teachers lied. How can a man in his 70’s, after
saying that he won’t contest again if he losses,
contest for the Nation’s highest office, claiming
“his people” asked him to come out again?
Maybe, he has to call those “his people” that
pressured him to come, let’s speak with them.

If he can’t keep his word and say “no” where
after support a younger candidate, keep his word
if he wins? I doubt that. I’m never saying he isn’t
qualified. Yes, he is OVER qualified to contest. But
what of his word? What of the youths? Must it
always be “me”? Can’t someone else change
Nigeria? I frown on his arguments that he still
has a lot to offer to Nigeria. Yes, he has but why
can’t it be from an advisory capacity? I won’t be
surprised if he re-contests again if he loses next
year, citing “calls” from friends and bad economy
of Nigeria. Assuming he wins, after his first
tenure, he will be in his early 80’s. What, then,
can he offer? The leadership of Nigeria will then
be turned into a Mugabe-styled leadership. The
youths are heavily restricted to background. Too
few admission slots, hard road to get tertiary
institutions and few jobs. They must struggle at
little an age to “grow up” except you have a god-
father. We should be given our chance. They have
tried. Let us do ours. We can do better.


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