Thirty adolescents abducted in Borno

Maiduguri – Around 30 adolescents – some of
them girls aged as young as 11 – have been
abducted in Borno State over the weekend by
suspected Boko Haram rebels, a local village
chief told reporters on Sunday.
“The insurgents… grabbed young people, boys
and girls, from our region,” said Alhaji Shettima
Maina, who is in charge of the Mafa village
around 50km east of the city of Maiduguri.
“They took all boys aged 13 and over… and all
girls aged 11 and more. According to our
information, 30 young people were abducted in
the last two days.”
Another village elder, Mallam Ashiekh Mustapha,
confirmed the account.

Both men said 17 people were also killed in
recent days in a Boko Haram attack on the
nearby village of Ndongo.
Boko Haram, which has been waging a bloody
insurgency since 2009, has been responsible for
waves of attacks and abductions.
In April, the rebel group snatched more than 200
schoolgirls from Chibo, triggering an international
Some estimates put the number of women held
by the group in the high hundreds. Most are
believed to be forced into marriages with rebels.
Maina said his village and areas around it were
targeted in nearly daily raids by Boko Haram,
prompting many residents to flee to the city of
Maiduguri for safety.
He said he had pleaded for help from the
Nigerian government but that so far none had
been forthcoming.


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