Amaechi To Presidency: Jonathan’sNot My Prefect, Stop Threatening Me

The war of words between Governor Rotimi
Amaechi of Rivers State and the Presidency
took a dramatic turn on Monday as the
governor not only threw the toga of rascality
back at the Presidency, he reminded it that
President Goodluck Jonathan is not his
He also maintained that the Presidency
cannot threaten him of sanctions for
criticizing the president for not attracting
developmental projects to the Rivers.
The Presidency had on Sunday angrily
reacted to a claim made by Amaechi that the
cause of the sour relationship between him
and the Presidency was because President
Jonathan hates Rivers people following the
ceding of Soku oil wells in Kalabari to
Bayelsa State and 40 Etche oil wells also in
Rivers to Abia state.
The governor also accused the wife of the
president, Dame Patience Jonathan of
fighting him because he refused her request
to bring the money meant for Rivers people
to Abuja.
While accusing the Nigeria Governors Forum
Chairman of “political rascality”, the
Presidency reminded him that the immunity
he currently enjoys will one day end and a
“day of reckoning” will surely come when he
will answer for all his actions and false
allegations against President Jonathan, the
first lady and the federal government.
In his response to what appeared to be a
veiled threat, the governor, through the
Rivers State Commissioner for Information
and Communication, Ibim Semenitari said he
never mentioned the name of the president
or his wife during his speech at the All
Progressives Congress mega rally in Port
Harcourt at the weekend.
Semenitari also faulted Reuben Abati, the
president’s spokesman, for failing to get his
facts right before publishing the statement
despite his wealth of experience as a
Semenitari said, “I would want to say that
the Presidential Spokesman should be careful
for the kind of threats he issues to an
elected Governor.
“He should remember that the President is
not a prefect of the governor. He was elected
as President just as the Governor was
elected as a governor, and Nigeria is a
“And please, Abati should know his limits
and need not attempt to cross his
“It is a bit strange to hear the kind of
comments coming out of the Presidency and
this shows that the statement was already
prepared before governor Amaechi spoke.
“At no point in his speech did Governor
Amaechi make any references. His wife was
not even discussed because she is not an
official of government.
“I do not understand where or how Mr. Abati
got his story, so we just take it that this is
one of those clear indications of rascality
within the Presidency trying to call a dog a
bad name and hang it”.


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