Wizkid Arrested For Smoking InNairobi, Victoria Kimani Comes To HisRescue!

According to Nairobian website,
Standardmedia, Wizkid was arrested in
Nairobi for smoking weed. He was arrested
from his Nairobi Crown Plaza hotel room on
Saturday afternoon and quizzed by police
only hours before his flight back to Lagos.
The arrest was in connection with allegations
that he was caught smoking illegal
The incident happened at around 1pm just as
the Caro singer was checking out of his hotel
room where he had been staying for a week,
since his concert which took place the
previous week. According to standardmedia
sources, Wizkid was caught smoking ‘weed’
inside the hotel in which smoking is
prohibited. The hotel’s Front Officer asked
him why he was smoking before the two got
into a heated argument attracting security
officers who ended up calling the police to
arrest him.
Before police officers cuffed him and drove
him to Capital Hill police station where he
was quizzed, the hotel had already charged
him with Sh50, 000 smoking penalty, which
he paid through his credit card. Coming to
his rescue was his newly found Kenyan flame
Victoria Kimani, who followed him to the
police station shortly after he had been
Victoria had been with the singer at the hotel
the previous day. Wizkid was due to leave for
Lagos at around 3pm and was forced to
cancel the flight due to the drama.


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