Ekiti Denies Plan To Retrench Workers

Ekiti State Government has dismissed
rumours he was planning to sack civil
servants in the state.
Rumours have reportedly make rounds
courtesy of the opposition, All Progressives
Congress (APC) that the Ayodele Fayose-led
government had plans to reduce the number
of government parastaltals and will therefore
cut jobs.
Special Assistant to the state governor on
Public Communications and News Media, Mr.
Lere Olayinka did not deny a planned
reduction of the number of ministries in the
state, but said it was being done to ensure
effective and efficient discharge of duties.
Olayinka said it did not indicate that some
workers would be sacked.
“Workers in the state have nothing to fear,
the ongoing exercise of trimming the number
of ministries is not an indication that
workers are gong to be sacked,” Olayinka
“The exercise is intended to make the
workers more effective and efficient. Workers
will be deployed in a way to get the best out
of them.
“The only set of workers that have issues to
clarify are those that were employed without
due process after the APC lost the June 21
governorship election.
“The proposal before the state Governor, Dr.
Ayodele Fayose, is the reduction of the
number of ministries and parastatals to
reduce cost of running the government, so as
to be able to provide more basic amenities
for the people.
“The planned reduction of ministries and
parastatals is still at the level of proposal
that is yet to be considered by the governor.
“It is also important to point out that there
is no plan to turn the State Universal Basic
Education Board (SUBEB) to an agency under
the Governor’s Office as being peddled.
“SUBEB is a creation of the Constitution of
the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and its
funds come directly from the Universal Basic
Education Commission (UBEC), a Federal
Government agency. No governor can scrap
it,” the statement read.


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