2015: Plateau CAN Chairman WarnsClergy Against Using Pulpit To EndorseCandidates

Ahead of the primary elections of various
political parties in the country, the
Chairman of Christian Association of
Nigeria (CAN) in Plateau State and former
President of the Church of Christ in
Nations (COCIN), Rev, Soja Bewarang, has
urged clergy men not to use their pulpits
to endorse any candidate for the 2015
general elections.
The State CAN Chairman, who gave the
advice at an interface with religious
leaders and community leaders organised
by the Jos Forum of the Swiss-based
Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, said it
was dangerous for religious leaders to get
involved in politics to the extent of
endorsing a particular candidate and
implored other religious bodies to advise
their clerics not to mix their preaching
with political campaigns.
Bewarang said, “We have warned the
church on the Plateau not to say any one
person is your candidate because if you
do that you will be putting your
congregation in danger. This is because
every politician belong to different
political party and we don’t want to be
seen to be promoting the cause of one
political party. The same message has
been passed to our pastors not to
endorse any candidate while on the
“We will equally advise other
congregations to do extend the same
advice to their clergy. You see the church
is now wiser; no politician will come and
decisive us again with fake promises”, he
A member of the Jamatu Nasril Islam
(JNI), Alhaji Yusuf Sarumi urged
Nigerians against associating the Boko
Haram sect with Islam, saying the
activities of the terrorist group do not
reflect the ideals of Islam.


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