Dr Myles Munroe And His Wife Dead In Plane Crash

THE leader of Bahamas Faith Ministries, Dr Myles Munroe, and his wife
Ruth have been killed in a plane crash in Grand Bahama.
The crash took place this afternoon and killed all nine people on board
the private jet. The plane reportedly struck a crane at the Grand
Bahama Ship Yard, exploding on impact and crashing into the ground
near a junkyard area.
The Department of Civil Aviation reported that the plane was a Lear 36
executive jet which departed the Lynden Pindling International Airport
(LPIA) for the Grand Bahama International Airport.
The plane left LPIA at 4.07pm with
nine people on board and crashed
while making an approach for
landing at Grand Bahama
International Airport at 5.10pm,
the Department of Civil Aviation
A police on source on the island
previously said two were feared
dead. However, police sources later
confirmed that all those on board
had been killed.
The police source also said it was
believed the group was heading to
a conference hosted by Pastor
The identities of the other people on board have not yet been
The statement said while the department was advised of fatalities, it
was awaiting confirmation from police on if there were any survivors.
The Grand Bahama Airport Company Crash Fire Rescue Department responded to the incident, and the Police
and Bahamas Air Sea Rescue (BASRA) are presently on the scene.
The department said a full scale investigation will start tomorrow morning at daylight, which will include the
Department of Civil Aviation Aircraft Accident Investigation Prevention Unit.


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