Edo: 3 Burnt To Death In Auto Crash

Billionaire Facebook CEO Mark
Zuckerberg has revealed why he wears the
same grey T-shirt day in, day out – and
his simple logic makes you long to get
back all the hours you’ve spent trying on
outfits in front of the mirror.
In a public Q&A session yesterday
Zuckerberg was asked: ‘why do you wear
the same T-shirt every day?’.
‘I really want to clear my life to make it
so that I have to make as few decisions
as possible about anything except how to
best serve this community,’ he answered,
adding that he doesn’t just wear the
exact same shirt – he has ‘multiple same
Zuckerberg said that even making small
decisions, such as what to wear each day,
or what to have for breakfast, are taxing
on the mind – and he would rather not
waste energy on such trivialities.
‘I’m in this really lucky position where I
get to wake up every day and help serve
more than a billion people,’ he says. ‘And
I feel like I’m not doing my job if I spend
any of my energy on things that are silly
or frivolous about my life.’
Zuckerberg is not the only powerful
businessperson to adopt this simpler way
of life. He makes the point that Apple
founder Steve Jobs and President Barack
Obama, adhere to the same theory.
Indeed, according to Walter Isaacson’s
biography on Jobs, he says Jobs once
tried to coax his own employees into
wearing a corporate uniform designed by
Issey Miyake, to create the sort of ‘bind’
with the company he’d witnessed at
Jobs’s suggestion was rejected outright –
so instead he had Miyake create him his
own uniform: 100 black turtle necks that
he would subsequently wear forever more.
‘That’s what I wear, he told Isaacson. ‘I
have enough to last for the rest of my


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