Shekau Denies Ceasefire With FG In New Video, Boasts About New Islamic Caliphate

In an embarrassing twist to the purported
ceasefire deal with Islamist sect Boko
Haram, leader of the group, Abubakar
Shekau yesterday dismissed claims of
truce talks between his group and the
In a 44-minute video obtained by AFP
yesterday, Shekau dismissed government
claims and threatened to kill the impostor
who has been negotiating on behalf of the
Speaking in the video, Shekau boasted:
“We have indeed established an Islamic
caliphate. To everyone living in Islamic
Caliphate, we convey our greetings,” he
said, specifically mentioning “brethren” in
Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan,
Shishan (an Islamist term for Chechnya),
Yemen, Somalia and “The caliphate in
Iraq and Syria.”
The picture of the leader of Islamic State
(IS), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was later
shown in the video, with a portion of the
message his group issued on July 1,
proclaiming a caliphate in Iraq and Syria.
The federal government had on October
17 announced it had agreed a ceasefire
with Boko Haram and had called on
troops to withdraw. The announcement
was followed by series of attacks by the
sect that has now taken over several
towns in Nigeriua’s northeast, renaming
Gwoza in Borno as Darul Hikma (House of
Wisdom) and Mubi in Adamawa as
Madinatul Islam, which means City of
Despite earlier doubts raised by many, the
government had insisted that the
ceasefire deal was real and was on
course. The situation now has become
very embarrassing for the government, as
it seems to be farther from finding a
solution to the five-year insurgency than
earlier thought.
An ‘operation no mercy’ embarked on by
the military is however expected to help
Nigeria reclaim its lost territory.


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