Unto Plan B! Governor Rochas Okorocha Picks APC Governorship Ticket

After he lost in the presidential primaries,
Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha
picked the governorship ticket of the APC
in absentia. He’s now the flagbearer of
APC in Imo state after his son in law
Uche Nwosu, the Commissioner for Lands
and Urban Planning, stepped down.
Uche Nwosu had initially been adopted as
the governorship candidate for Imo State,
a position he reportedly accepted to keep
for his father-in-law in case he didn’t win
the presidential ticket. Nwosu announced
his withdrawal yesterday following
Okorocha’s loss at the APC convention.
Speaking before the ratification of
Okorocha’s candidature, the Chairman of
the Electoral Committee, Mr. John
Alamba said: ”A few days ago, we
gathered here to elect Chief Nwosu as the
APC governorship candidate, but I was in
Lagos when I learnt that the candidate
had resigned on personal grounds. We
are gathered here today to ratify Governor
Okorocha as the party’s governorship
candidate”. Nwosu said “party’s interest
supersedes personal ambition”, and
enjoined members to give same support
and solidarity to Okorocha.


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