Fayose Says Jonathan Will Win Re-election InFebruary

Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose says
Presidential Goodluck Jonathan would be re-
elected in February, but the result of the
presidential election will not be a win-win
The governor said this on Monday at the
Murtala Muhammed International Airport,
Lagos, as he arrived from a trip abroad. “Let
me make it clear to all Nigerians, the election
is going to be a little bit turbulent, but
Jonathan will win and there will be reactions.
“Even if Buhari wins the election today, there
will be reactions. Somebody was telling me
that the violence would stop if General
Muhammadu Buhari wins. This shows Buhari
and All Progressives Congress (APC) are
behind it.
“However, we should remember that the
economy of this country lies in the South-
South, so, we must balance it. It is not a win-
win situation, even for Jonathan, but
Nigerians must be ready to accept the result
of the election and I can assure you that
Jonathan will win,” he said.
In his reaction to news making rounds about
Buhari’s certificates, Fayose challenged the
former head of state to come out and present
his certificates to Nigerians. He opined that
the era of Nigeria being ruled by school
certificate holders was over.
“The era where you will say I am leading
Nigeria with school certificate is gone. I don’t
take people on a personal note, but this
particular leadership we are looking for must
have the competence. Jonathan is the first
Nigerian president who has the paper
qualification. General Buhari truly doesn’t
have the certificate.
“People claimed that I don’t have the
certificates too. I have gone through the
courts, including the tribunal. So, what else
are we talking about? I want General Buhari
too to submit himself for us to check. It is not
about popularity alone.
“Buhari must address the certificate issue in
the overall interest of Nigeria. If Ayo Fayose
with HND in a state like Ekiti is seen as
someone without education, so, General
Buhari will now come with the Almajiri School
and come and lead Nigeria?” he querried.
Fayose also noted that Buhari lacks the
eloquence, ability and the capacity to lead the
He warned those planning violence before,
during and after the election to have a change
of mind, adding that no one has the monopoly
of violence.
When asked to comment on the crisis rocking
the Ekiti State House of Assembly, Fayose
explained that some lawmakers decided to
stay away from their duties and he not beg
them to return.
“Are you supposed to be a honourable
member in Ekiti and sit in Lagos or Osun? If
that is their position, I should go and beg
them? Forget that. Let them remain in exile. I
was in exile for a period of time and heaven
didn’t fall. They should remain in exile. If they
want to come, let them come.
“The Speaker just called me recently and
asked for their Christmas gifts. I told him they
should collect them from Lagos and Osun
state governments or the speaker of those
states,” he added.


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