We Will Declare Our Assets After They Have Been Verified – Buhari


President Muhammadu Buhari has said that in
fulfilment of one of their campaign promises
his declared assets and those of Vice
President Yemi Osinbajo will be released to
the public upon the completion of their
verification by the Code of Conduct Bureau
His clarification will quiet critics who
complained about his statement early this
week that anyone who needs to see it has to
request for it via an FOI request to the Code of
Conduct Bureau.
The president expressed hope that the
verification process by CCB will be completed
before the expiry of the 100-day deadline
within which he promised to declare his
The Senior Special Assistant, SSA (Media and
Publicity), Mal. Garba Shehu who announced
this in a statement on behalf of the President
on Saturday, 6 June, said “the duly completed
forms by both the President and the Vice
President were submitted to the CCB on
March 28th, a clear day ahead of their
He said this statement was warranted by the
need to clarify some suggestions that the
President and the Vice-President may not,
after all, declare their assets publicly.
“While such public display of concern is
appreciated and valued, it must be said that it
is a little precipitate.
“As required by law, the declaration and
submission of documents to the CCB have
been made, but there still remains the aspect
of verification which the Bureau will have to
conduct to authenticate the submissions made
to it.
“In the circumstances, it is only after this
verification exercise, and not before, that the
declaration can be said to have been made
and validated; and only after this, will the
details be released to the public.
“There is no question at all that the President
and the Vice President are committed to
public declaration of their assets within the
100 days that they pledged during the
presidential campaign.
“The President and the Vice President wish to
thank Nigerians for their show of concern, and
for the confidence they have shown in their
leaders’ integrity, as evidenced by the high
pedestal of uprightness and expectations on
which they have placed them.”


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